This means you performed LESS than 4 separate dates and may or may not have sang the National Anthem* and have
not performed in 2018 and are not scheduled to perform but want to but have supported the organization, been positive
of other contestants, volunteers and staff.

If you didn't do any performances and not scheduled to, this is not the correct category for you, even if you now want to

When were you a finalist:

Period 1: 2007 - 2010 under the City of Portland
Contact the producer Dennis Gleason to discuss your performance history.  You may be required to perform prior
to being accepted.

Period 2: 2011 - 2017 Portland Teen Idol or Teen Idol
Not all individuals that completed their contract are eligible as administrative terminations have been made due to
code of ethics violations (see your application to determine what you agree to do/not do (
similar to the current rules)
You will need to sign up to perform in 2018 and complete or make an ernest attempt at completing your contract
in 2018.  This may include committing to dates that go beyond the AI audition date.

Period 3: 2014 - 2015 Beaverton Teen Idol
There was no tour for BTI except the winner and it was optional, not required.  If you didn't perform once for Teen Idol
you will need to commit to and perform at a Teen Idol LIVE event to get a pass.

Top reasons for not qualifying even if you are trying to complete your contract:
Make inappropriate comments online
Create or spread rumors about other contestants, volunteers or staff
Destroy  or steal Portland Parks, Dark Wing Productions or Teen Idol property
Disclose or share confidential proprietary information without written permission to anyone internal or external.
Grieve, openly complain or voice negative opinions to others about the program/staff/volunteers/other finalists
Been rude, mean or demeaning to other participants, staff or volunteers.

If you think you are good and don't feel you did anything against other participants or the organization, contact Dennis
Gleason to schedule performances and let him know you're interested in getting qualified to attend the American Idol
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Interested in learning about Season 12 of Teen Idol in 2019?
Submit your name, parents name and phone numbers for both
to be notified about next year's auditions
(Must live in the Portland metro area to be a contestant of Teen Idol).
Make a teen's life extraordinary
Make arrangements to
complete your contract
and then select the
working on it link.