This means you likely fall into one of these three categories:

      1  You were a qualified Finalist between 2011 and 2017, competed at the finale but never performed at all
      during your year.

      2 You at any time after becoming a finalist, but before you completed your tour obligation, contacted the
      director or producer and told them that you are quitting.

      3 You completed your contract but have since violated the code of ethics you agreed to by doing one of these:

              Made inappropriate comments online about the program, another finalist, staff member or volunteer
              Created or spread rumors about other contestants, staff or volunteers
              Destroyed or stole city or program property
              Disclosed or shared confidential proprietary information without written permission
              Openly complained or voiced negative opinions to others about the program/staff/volunteers/other finalists
              Been rude, mean or demeaning other participants, staff or volunteers.

The only cases where we would permit individuals in this category to participate in any activity or get passes is if you
were administratively terminated or stated you quit for family reasons, not grieving, but would like to be re-stated by
agreeing to perform the rest of the summer to meet your performance requirement.  Contact Dennis Gleason via
messenger if this is the case.

If you dropped out or were terminated by the City of Portland between 2007 and 2010, we would need to understand the
circumstances behind it. Contact Dennis and he will confer with Jeff Milkes and or Megan Hope to confirm the situation
and will make a determination from there.

If you were terminated because of any of the code of ethics violations noted above, under the current non-profit policy,
you will not be permitted to participate in any activities now or in the future.  There may be exceptions, but you'd have to
discuss with the producer to clean up the damage if there is any and requires a unanimous vote of the entire board to
give you another shot. The zero tolerance policy is designed to prevent dishonest individuals from violating the program
or wilfully hurt those that participate in it or volunteer for it, those that break the law and or intentionally damage the
reputation of a person or endanger Teen Idol in any way.

This is a faith based 501C3 nonprofit and believe that unethical and destructive people are toxic and we will prevent any
individual who has willfully violated the very reasonable and normal code of ethics, from benefiting or profiting from their
dishonest and/or immoral actions.
Teen Idol is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Tax ID 82-1010873
©2018 Dark Wing Productions LLC (producers of Teen Idol)
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