If you are age 5 to 105 and have a talent, you can tryout for the Marion County Fair talent competition to be held on July
at the Salem Fairgrounds in Salem, Oregon.   CLICK HERE to go to the main MCF website, CLICK HERE to sign
up for 2018.

To compete, you must be:

An Oregon resident
Age 5 or over.
Not be a professional performer.
Not be a Teen Idol Finalist (
click here for more about Teen Idol).
(Teen Idol contestants not making it to the finals are encouraged to compete).  
Be one of the first 15 acts in your age category to register*.
Complete a
paper application for each person to be turned in on the day of.

*Time constraints limit us to a total of 15 acts per category.
2018 Marion County Fair Talent Competition
Roll-up to the Oregon State Fair  
The Marion County Fair Talent Competition is operated by Dark Wing Productions and the Teen Idol progam, a 501C3 nonprofit
Teen Idol is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Tax ID 82-1010873
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