Alumni Association - Rules and Qualifications
The brand new Teen Idol Alumni Association (TIAA) is for students, volunteers, sponsors and former staff that have participated
Its not limited in number of students or age and has flexible entrance criteria as you will see below and membership in good
standing is required in the TIAA to compete in the future All-Star Competition (open to former finalist alumni singers), to be
invited to front of line passes for American Idol when in town, events, movies, concerts and opportunities.

Some alumni members will be able to hold leadership positions with in the program.

Alumni membership is for a minimum of 12 months beginning when you sign up.

Membership can be time based or financial based or a combination.  Estimated amount is 20 hours or $200 a year ($10/hr)

Time memberships are put in promoting the program in person or online through social media or other activities.

Qualifications for members:

Must have been:

A contestant of Teen Idol (including as Portland Teen Idol and Beaverton Teen Idol)  or

A volunteer or sponsor putting in 4 or more hours in to the program since 2007

Must not have been:

Terminated from the program (without written approval from the producer or director).

Violated terms of service, code of ethics or contract - producer or director will advise.

Additional notes:

A background check may be performed on adult applicants if service will involve working with minors.

All members have the obligation to support and promote the Teen Idol program in person and social media.

Certified Finalists are those who completed their contract and are in good standing.  are invited to participate in some activities.
   Events that say "Closed to Certified Finalists" or "Closed to Certififed Alumni" require finalists to have completed their


Open to all alumni members however, if a former finalist, must have completed their tour or has since volunteered in a
significant way to earn their tour completion (similar to GED).  

Former/current volunteers must be in good standing

must interview and be accepted by the alumni director, producer and director.

What you will do:

Alumni help come up with ideas to support the Teen Idol program

Will challenge students to be creative, positive, professional

Learn leadership and promotion

Build resume' material, make friends, have fun, learn skills that can apply to all career paths and make the best of the hard work
you have put in.

Hour commitment is low as to not interrupt your school or work.  Just a few meetings in person with the whole team, and touch
points during peak periods, online or electronic / via phone rest of year.