Marion County Fair (Oregon)
Teen Idol is honored and elated to be again involved with helping with the county fair.  Teen Idol
re-started the county's competition to permit teens to represent the county at the state fair in singing
competition in addition to our Teen Idol finalists having the chance to perform.

Teen Idol expanded the competition for Marion County to mirror the Oregon State Fair's full line up
that now includes the adult and child category and permits all talents, not just singing.  

Although Teen Idol finalists are not permitted to compete at the Marion County Fair, we encourage
any non-professional talent age 5 on up, to compete in this year's competition for free.  Winning will
give you a shot to go to the Oregon State Fair representing the county.  

Teen Idol Finalists are encouraged to compete at any other county fair competition which Teen Idol
is not operating.

Find out more and to sign up

Marion County Fair Website (Select July 15th)
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